Eloise with Tyler Moll

Copeland Center 2306 Fourth Street, Wyandotte, Michigan

Eloise has a long and interesting history spanning more than 130 years. He will be covering the founding of the Wayne County poorhouse and seeing its evolution into an asylum, tuberculosis sanitarium, and general hospital among many other uses. The Wayne County house, later known as Eloise, would become one of the largest facilities of ... Read more


DRGS Beginners Genealogy Workshop 101

Bacon Memorial District Library 45 Vinewood, Wyandotte, Michigan

A class for beginners covering five-generation charts, family group sheets, research logs, vital records, and census records. Space is limited.  Please register by e-mailing Sherry at GENEGAL26@YAHOO.COM

New York’s Burned-over District: Revival, Reform and the Migration to Michigan with Jim Craft

Copeland Center 2306 Fourth Street, Wyandotte, Michigan

It is generally recognized by even casual students of Michigan history that many of the state’s early settlers came from western New York. It is rarely appreciated, however, that this region of New York, known as the Burned-over District, played a central role in the great religious revival that swept the country in the first ... Read more

The Potato Famine & The Coming of the Irish to America with Terence O’Leary

Copeland Center 2306 Fourth Street, Wyandotte, Michigan

Ireland awoke to the beginning of the Great Hunger in 1845. Experience the heartbreaking stories of the Irish during the 5 long years of the Potato Famine. While it was a time of great injustice when more than 1 million Irish died, it also became a tragic blessing for over 1 million Irish who fled ... Read more

Wyandotte at War – A Michigan Town Fights Back in WWII with Alana Paluszewski

Copeland Center 2306 Fourth Street, Wyandotte, Michigan

Her book was released in July 2021. It is a non-fiction account of the activities of Wyandotte residents before, during, and after WWII. Over 2,200 of our citizens served in the military and thousands more fought the battle on the home front. Wyandotte lost at least 143 men during the war, and this book chronicles ... Read more

Polar Bears of WWI with Mike Grobbel

Copeland Center 2306 Fourth Street, Wyandotte, Michigan

One hundred and four years ago during the winter of 1918-1919, 5,200 U.S. soldiers - the majority of them from Michigan - were stranded in a sub-arctic region of North Russia, engaged in bitter combat with the Bolshevik Red Army. They had arrived in Archangel, Russia on September 4, 1918, and their battles continued long ... Read more