Newspaper Digitizing Project

over 189,600 pages scanned (to date)

Downriver Genealogical Society Newspaper Digitizing Project

In January of 2013, we became the custodians of a collection of newspapers from the Heritage Media Group, publishers of downriver newspapers for 21 communities. These newspapers scan the period from 1943 to 2003. The papers are currently in a storage facility. In it’s continuing efforts to support our communities, the Downriver Genealogical Society has developed a program to support the direct scanning of the 60 years of newspapers that are from Wayne County, Michigan and surrounding areas. This “Newspaper Digitizing Project” is a long-term effort to preserve the local history, customs, and traditions that have made the downriver area what it is today. The Heritage Media has chosen us, the Downriver Genealogical Society, to preserve the history of our area. This honor is a testament to our 37-year history of preserving the past for future generations.

Our objective is to scan every page, convert it into a searchable format. The initial product will only be available at our library. In time, we plan to provide access via the internet free to everyone. While this may seem an ambitious project, we are confident with some help from our supporters we will succeed!


Phase One includes those newspapers that are tabloid size and scanned using our existing equipment. These Phase One newspapers are now available to search and view at the Society Library.

These papers include:

  • The Allen Parker 1987-1990
  • The Brownstown Times 1987-1990
  • The Lincoln Parker 1987-1990
  • The Melvindale Messenger 1987-1990
  • The Southgate Sentinel 1987-1990
  • The Taylor Tribune 1987-1990
  • The Trenton Times 1978
  • The Woodhaven Times 1985, 1987-1990
  • The Woodhaven Weekender 1964
  • The Wyandotte Independent 1987-1990

Phase Two will be all of the Ile Camera from 1945-2003.

The vast variety of genealogical data contained in each issue of any of these newspapers is incredible. It’s not just a collection of names but the local history (good and bad) of whole families, how they grow with marriage announcements, birth announcements, graduations, promotions at work, obituaries, and lesser known details involving their family history and homes. Some are the success stories of local businesses; even the ads become valuable snippets of information about some families.

The equipment necessary to proceed with the larger size books is expensive. Along with the large format scanners, we’ll need internet access and servers for our volunteer workers to complete this project. We are pursuing the potential of national grants for long-term financial success, but the donations we receive will help us get started that much sooner.

The older, large size books start back in the 1940’s. The 1940 newspapers we have include:

  • The Wyandotte News-Herald 1948-49
  • The Ecorse Advertiser 1947-1949
  • The News-Herald 1949
  • The Township Tribune 1945-1949
  • The Wyandotte Tribune 1947-1949
  • The Ecorse Enterprise 1945-1949
  • The Lincoln Parker 1945-1949
  • The Melvindale Messenger 1943-1949
  • The SouthWest Detroiter 1944-1949

As a 501(c)(3) organization, all donations are a tax-deductible investment in preserving this historical data. We are anxious to acknowledge all donors on our website, with your permission. You can also review our progress.

In our effort to raise money for our Newspaper Digitizing Project we are asking that you please donate your empty Inkjet and Laser Cartridges.
No Epson, remanufactured, or refilled cartridges accepted.
With your help collecting ink cartridges from home, work, family, friends or neighbors, this can be a successful fundraiser. This will be an ongoing fundraiser. Just bring the ink cartridges to our monthly meetings or the Society Library.
Please place empty cartridges in a ziplock bag or wrap in plastic wrap to prevent leakage.
Thank you for your support!

Please send your donations to:
The Downriver Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 476
Lincoln Park, Mi. 48146

Donations may also be made using PayPal by clicking on the Donate button.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity!